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Preparing for the future, how homes and businesses are becoming more self-reliant.

save water and recycle water and use solar power for a sustainable future

There has been a recent movement in creating smart homes and buildings. New projects are being designed with the environment in mind, not just being built with eco-friendly materials, but also providing for their occupants.

Original buildings are being retro-fitted to be more environmentally friendly. These enhanced smart homes and buildings are more economical, saving water and power through better insulation, rainwater harvesting and utilising solar energy. Some even grow food for the occupants, harvest, filter & recycle water and are carbon neutral.

Providing for our basic needs (food and water) and power too, people can live in relative comfort. Take Earthships for example, these are often located in remote areas and can sustain the occupants all year round. There are high-rise buildings that function like big air filters, removing the carbon from the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen. These building also collect water from the atmosphere and filter it for the occupants.

But it is not necessary to move to a remote area to live off your land & building, much can be done in a suburban and business setting.

Restaurants and businesses are growing their own food.

Taking the rainwater harvesting and irrigation systems a step further allows for large scale production of food in gardens, hydroponics, and even eclectic plant pots.

Salad and veggies are easy to grow and provide a cost saving supply of ingredients for restaurants and businesses alike, providing a ready source of seasonal veggies. Healthy, fresh, ‘home-grown’ local veggies are tastier, satisfying, healthier, and eco-friendly than commercial GMO, plastic wrapped and imported alternatives.

Local produce is creating business opportunities

Garden-farms & community gardens are on the rise supplying local shops, businesses, and households with fresh produce. By supporting local businesses, a community grows stronger, both economically and emotionally.

Water recycling is good for business, saving money and turning a profit

Grey water can now be recycled so that it is clear and odourless. This process can be repeated over and over allowing the water to be reused indefinitely.  Local businesses such as laundry services and car washes that make use of water can cut their costs by using less municipal water. Sports clubs, resorts, residential properties, office blocks and hospitals can all make use of water recycling to cut their water usage.

Solar power is keeping businesses productive

With the latest surge in loadshedding the rumble of generators is a familiar sound. But these generators are a short-term solution designed to keep the power going during the short period of power outage. As an indefinite solution they are not a cost-effective or viable option. Switching to solar power is a more future focused approach to keeping the ‘lights on’. Off-grid solutions are available for all power needs, commercial, residential and country alike. When the grid goes down, and it will continue to happen with more frequency and for longer periods, you can keep on going.

Step into the future today

Are you ready to become energy efficient, water wise and self-sustaining?