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Grid-Tied Solar PV System – Your Household Power Saver

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What is a Grid-Tied Solar Power System and why do you need one?

A Grid Tied Solar System is designed to augment your municipal power use, saving you money on your power bill. The grid-tied system is hooked up to the mains power supply of the home and consists of solar panels connected to a grid-tied inverter

The system collects power from the solar panels installed on your roof and allows your home to run on this power during the day. At night the power grid switches over to your Eskom supply. 

On most days (sunny with low home energy consumption) your solar panels will generate more energy than you require. This energy is fed back into the mains grid and with net metering in place, your electricity meter will start turning backward giving your household "credits" for the energy use in the evening when the meter runs forward again. When enough power is fed back into the mains grid you will have a Zero balance for the 24 hour period.

Is this an Off-Grid Solution?

No, since there are no batteries with a grid-tied solar system to store the energy, any excess power is fed back into the mains grid that acts as a "virtual battery".

Since the batteries are an expensive part of an off-grid system, the grid-tied system is a cheaper power-saving solution for households and businesses.

What are the benefits of a Grid-Tied Solar Power System?

Cheaper power - you use your solar-generated power during the day.

Cost-effective power-saving solution - with no batteries a grid-tied solar system is less than an Off-Grid system.

No maintenance required - once installed it runs automatically

Daily savings - South Africa is blessed with an abundance of sunny days that will now power your home or business every single day.

Who benefits from using a Grid-Tied Solar Power System?

This system is great for businesses (shops, offices, etc.), home-based businesses, and households that want to save on their Eskom bill. 

It is the perfect first step towards ultimately getting off-the-grid.

Is there anything I need to consider?

With the net metering in South Africa, we need to check with your local municipality regarding their policies on feeding power back into the grid. Some municipalities will acknowledge the "credits" from your power grid, some will not. We will also need to know what type of electricity meter you are currently using.



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