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A compact, elegant and scalable solar solution for powering your own grid

Microcare modular solar power solution

The Microcare Mini-Grid combines a compact modular build with new solar technology to provide an efficient & attractive way to reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint. A scalable system that fits your budget and grows as your power needs increase.

A cost-effective solution is especially handy for rural/country homes and farms that are not connected to the power grid. Eskom is continuing to frustrate the nation with its persistent failure to deliver a reliable service. For regions that are not serviced by the national power grid, the possibility of ever being able to flick a switch to turn on a light is a remote prospect indeed.

Off-grid systems need not be beyond your budget. Now is the time to take matters into your own hands and look to the perfect starter system that will grow with you. 

Rural power system

The Microcare rural power supply system consists of a solar panel and power unit that will provide power to run led lights, 12V alliances (eg. TV and radio) and will charge your cellphone. The unit is portable so can be used for camping or professionally installed as a more permanent power solution. 

Power for agriculture

The Agricultural Industry is one of the biggest drivers of renewable energy in South Africa. Frustrated by increasing power costs and struggling with load-shedding, farmers are increasingly moving towards powering their own grids. From UPS power back up solutions to protect your electronics to mini-grid systems that can power your irrigation. These scalable grid power systems can be used to run your entire farm operations, the modular systems provide and comprehensive solar solution and are the right choice for solving your power needs.

Switch to alternative power

Are you ready to cut ties with Eskom and power your own grid?