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    Rainwater harvesting is a technique used for collecting rainwater from rooftops, structures and paved areas. The collected water is Stored in tanks and can be filtered for various applications such as bathing, showering, toilet flushing, pool, laundry and irrigation. If properly filtered and sterilized, rainwater is suitable for potable use.

    Rainwater harvesting can save up to 90% of a water bill. Sewage cost is directly related to water consumption, and by reducing the consumption from municipal supply, the sewage cost is also reduced.

    A typical rain water harvesting system will consist of:

    - Installation of leaf and debris traps on the gutter downpipes, to prevent large solids from entering the rainwater tanks.
    - Storage of the water in plastic or steel tanks.
    - Filtration of the water to remove fine solids and organic matter.
    - Sterilization of the water.
    - Feeding the water to the application required (irrigation, household use, potable supply, etc.).

    If filtered to SANS241 specifications, the water can be reticulated directly to the municipal mains supply of the house, provided that a suitable backflow preventer is installed to ensure no harvested water is fed back to the municipal supply. An automatic switchover system is installed to switch from rainwater to municipal supply when the rainwater supply is depleted.

    Go green and help to restore the natural balance of our planet
    Go green and help to restore the natural balance of our planet
    Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    Automated switchover between municipal and other water source supply.
    Leak detection and water consumption management.
    Small to large-scale water storage.

    Water Recycling

    Swimming pool backwash recycling systems.
    Black & Grey water systems.

    Solar Systems

    Solar PV installations. Solar pump installations.
    UPS systems. Heat pumps.
    Solar geysers.


    Bio-remediation of open water, fat & grease traps, sludge and manure ponds.


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    ''Baie dankie. Die manne is klaar. Werk professional en uitmunted en netjies. Spesiale dank aan Frans, Helgaard, Bruce en ander.''


    Our Rain Water Harvesting System operating very well thanks - our monthly (municipal) water consumption has dropped from 37 m3 before installation to 16 m3 after installation - last 3 months consumption has been 8 m3 (July), 5 m3 (Aug) + 0 m3 (Sept) so all good!


    The quality of the water is SA is likely to continue to deteriorate and the costs will escalate as we have seen with electricity. Being self-sufficient is the only option and remarkable rewarding.

    NEIL (Resident in East London)
    Many residents in our neighbourhood have used Green Overall. In our street of eight houses, four have used Frans's outfit. I too did some background research on their work, quality, product quality and water harvesting knowledge. (We all need water and our collective dam levels are presently at about 11.6 % )
    I am very happy to give an excellent reference for Frans and his teams at Green Overall. We called them last year for various jobs, from water tanks / water harvesting to solar geyser to inverter and I can only say that the service is impeccable, including the issuance of the necessary compliance certificates. We called them again recently and doubled our tanks capacity. Again excellent service.
    green overall water tanks, rainwater harvesting, solar power, water recycling

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      green overall water tanks, rainwater harvesting, solar power, water recycling