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Farming off grid & working with nature for a competitive advantage

Farming off grid & working with nature for a competitive advantage

Farming needs power, power for lighting, power for production & processing and cold storage. The type of farming dictates the amount of power you need to draw from the grid to get the everyday jobs done. Farming is competitive and the margins are tight where the farms that have scaled their operations will win out allowing the farmers to provide a larger amount of product at a more economical rate.

With the impact of Covid and the global export restrictions, farmers are having to fight for to keep their export market share or look to other local markets to cover the shortfall.
Even small-scale and local farming is under pressure as the pending economic crisis looms large on the horizon. A legacy of the Covid lockdown regime causing the smaller businesses to close operations and the overriding unstable global economy that has been propped up a few too many times. Whatever the true culprit, the reality is that business has changed and there is less money to go around. New business contacts are hard won, and existing business is more exacting than before as costs are being fine-tuned down the supply chain. The cost saving buck stops at the last link in the supply chain, with the farmers.

But despite this it is business unusual as there are a lot of businesses that are thriving and new markets are opening to them. Opportunity lies in the eye of the opportunist. With power and water worries removed from the equation businesses can become more competitive as the down time is removed while the competition grinds to a halt during load shedding and water outages.



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