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Going Green at home for a water scarce future

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It's in the news on a daily basis, region to region, town to town, where there is some sort of water crisis. From burst pipelines allowing the water supply to become contaminated, to residents stranded high and dry for hours on end without water. The solutions are falling behind the demand and our current systems are failing to supply the most precious resource of life to the people. However, the future doesn't have to be so bleak, putting into place some forward thinking systems will future-proof your household and businesses water needs.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Water Storage Tanks

Despite many regions in South Africa, missing out on the recent rainfalls, it is still better to be prepared for rain. When the rain does come your rainwater harvesting system is ready to collect the precious resource for storage. Our first-flush systems make sure that the water that goes into your tank is debris free.
Water storage tanks can be used to store municipal water as a safeguard against water shortages and water-shedding that may affect your area.

Grey Water use around the home

The water from your bathroom sinks, showers and bath can be easily recycled for further use. A greywater system collects the used water and pumps it out onto your lawn, keeping your garden green and allowing nature to reclaim the water.
Toilets can be flushed with greywater. By integrating a tap and basin to the toilet, the used tap water can be recycled for flushing the toilet.

Filter your water

While harvested rainwater is considered by some to be safe to drink, we suggest that the harvested water is filtered before consumption. With an integrated filtration system, you can supply pure water to your household, with the ability to switch between your harvested water or the municipal supply.

Solar power saves water

There are many options for saving power at home. Solar geysers, Grid Tied Solar Systems to a fully off-the-grid solution. The solution you use depends on your budget, but with the future in mind, it is better to opt for the most off-the-grid system you can afford. By using less thermoelectric power from the grid you are saving water as the traditional process of generating power wastes enormous quantities of water.

Looking for the right water tank for your home?

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