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Surviving Eskom, how to keep your light shining

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As a service provider, we are stuck with Eskom and their multiple woes forcing us to endure the power cuts into the foreseeable future. The Government is hoping to create a new power generation entity distinct from Eskom. The new system is planned to be similar to the Netherlands model using a combination of gas, solar power and clean coal. But, what about now?
Understandably if you have been caught short you may well find yourself twiddling your thumbs by candle power, while your deadlines get closer and more urgent. So here are some short-term solutions to stay productive.

Start working out of regular office hours and keep your business productive and on track despite the power cuts.
Get the load shedding schedule for your area and work out a plan so you can still get your necessary hours in despite the power cuts.
Go exercising during the load shedding times or take your lunch/break hour.

Make sure that you have battery power

Without solar power or off-grid solutions, you can still get a lot of work done during load shedding, especially office work. Make sure your phone and laptop are fully charged before the power goes off. Get a backup battery for the modem or router so you still have internet. There is a range of LTE WiFi routers that come with power banks and you will have internet for many hours after a power cut.
For continued lighting use, smart charge LED bulbs or load-shedding bulbs, that will provide emergency lighting for up to 4 hours.
For machinery that needs more power, a generator will be your best short-term choice.
To cover your at-home entertainment needs we have a custom made cabinet with a UPS battery installed. This cabinet can run a TV and/or computer, a light, WiFi, and decoder.

Being prepared keeps you worry-free

Other things you can do is to keep your car topped up when expecting power cuts as not all garages will be open for business to fill your car during a power cut.
Make sure that your gates, garages, automatic doors have backup power or a manual override.
Keep your torches charged and handy.
Take the stairs and avoid the elevator if a power cut is imminent.
Prepare food in advance for main meals or make sure that your oven and stovetop are gas-powered.

Time to get more serious about getting your power back permanently

The above measures will cover the short-term, but in the long run, it is a good idea to ensure that you are not disrupted by any future load-shedding issues.

Grid-Tied Solar Power System

This system taps into the power-grid and provides power during the day. You can use it instead of the municipal power supply, saving on your power bills. During a power cut, your power needs remain unaffected during daylight. If you don't use the full amount of power generated then the Grid-tied system puts the power pack into the main power grid, effectively rolling the power meter backwards so you have a zero balance.
This is a cost-effective solution as it does not include the storage batteries. Read More

Off-Grid Solar Power System

Similar to the Grid-Tied System but including the storage batteries to give you all the power you need 24/7. Contact us for more details about installing an off-grid system for your power needs.

grid tied solar power system
grid tied solar power system panels

Get your own power back!

Solar power and off-grid solutions to keep you productive during load-shedding