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An ecopreneur opportunity hidden in water shortage crisis

It is evident that a water shortage crisis is upon us.  We see droughts and shortages all over the news. According to News 24, over half of South Africa’s households have no water at home. Residents of Kroonstad have serious water shortages, because of the Vaal River Water Shortage Crisis. Related article:Vaal River Water Shortage Crises - Kroonstad Now without Water. In Qwa-Qwa, there is another water shortage crisis that is still a challenge. How long will this continue?

Take the opportunity to become an Ecopreneur, with a franchise from Green Overall. We currently have franchises in Bloemfontein and Pretoria. We offer a Water Conservation system that includes Water tanks, Rainwater harvesting systems, Grey water systems, Pool backwash water saver, Water filtration systems, and Eco ponds.

Make a difference, and take part in this green business opportunity.