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Water and Energy Savings Customer Review: Sonia Dupper, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

We have used Frans' services for a number of years now.

In 2010 /2011 we initiated a 3-step water saving plan at our house in Park drive, including a poolside tank to capture and re-use back wash water from the pool, and 3x 5000l water tanks all connected to the gutters of the house and outbuildings. The final phase was to connect everything to the house, but we moved to Walmer before this part of the plan was realised.

At our new house, Frans installed energy saving devices in 2015 - PV systems attached to the geysers. We still plan to install water tanks, using Frans' services, within the next year, in order to harvest rain water and not be reliant on municipal water.

Frans is one of those rare people who offers excellent service, over and above what is required. He is a perfectionist, and we have found his workmanship  and attention to detail remarkable.  When installing the water tanks in Park drive, he spent time carefully checking his work, and making sure everything was completed excellently - I remembered being particularly impressed one Saturday, when he came across challenges with installing the pump for the water tanks (we had a very old house with the wiring in strange places). He stayed far later in the day than he had expected, but he still worked with dedication and excellence and good grace.

His after-service service is also worth mentioning. We had a problem with the geyserwise monitor, a product installed to enable switching between municipal electricity and sun-powered electricity. Frans had the issue referred and a contact person for me to communicate with, on a Friday afternoon, within half an hour. He also followed up with the service of this contact (who came out later that Friday evening to ensure that we had hot water). He took responsibility for the product he installed, which is something I have not often come across.

I highly recommend Frans and the products he offers. His prices are reasonable, his workmanship is excellent, and his post-service care is fast, reliable and friendly.