Pool Backwash Saver Special

Winter Special

Every backwash of two to three minutes will use between 200 and 900 litres of water. Stop wasting your pool backwash water and install a Pool Backwash Water Saving System.

Pool Backwash Water Saver

R 3199 excl VAT

Energy Conservation
Energy conservation is reducing energy consumption through using less of an energy service and results in increased environmental quality, higher savings and it lowers energy costs by preventing future resource depletion.

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Water Conservation
Water conservation refers to the beneficial reduction of water usage, loss or waste through recycling of waste water for various purposes such as cleaning, irrigation and manufacturing. It also includes the strategies and activities to manage and protect water resources to meet the demand for human consumption.

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Eco Products
Eco friendly products are earth-friendly and not harmful to the environment whether in their production, use or disposal. Eco friendly products contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy and also prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution.

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We are looking for entrepreneurs countrywide to join us in our drive to help residential homeowners and businesses to be more self-sufficient with their energy and water consumption. This is a Franchise opportunity that will put you in a very good position to establish your business early, in this growing market, ready for when the demand hits on the country’s water and energy resources, providing a comfortably living for you and your family.


Water Tanks, Sorts & Sizes
Water storage tanks come in a range of dimensions. Depending on your water storage needs we have the right tanks for you.

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Rainwater Tanks, Trends
Water storage uses innovative techniques and materials to safely store this precious resource and to blend into their environment.

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Rainwater Tanks, the Basics
Water tanks are a beneficial addition to a home or business, but there are a few considerations when it comes to finding the right one.

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Rainwater Harvesting in South Africa, how Rain Water Storage Tanks work

There is an overwhelming feeling of relief on social media when videos of damns and rivers filling up with water were posted after a very long period being water-deprived. While the Western Province is holding its breath for more rain, recent reports have indicated that it is unlikely to receive

Eastern Cape water crisis. Are we heading for Day Zero?

The South African water crisis is a very sensitive topic amongst those living in areas affected who have to endure extreme water restrictions.  None so more than Capetonians who are affected the most by the looming water crisis.  What was considered to be a localised situation affecting the Western Cape is now spreading to the Eastern Cape and other

Water security – What are other countries doing to save water

The Western Cape is facing severe challenges with a once in a hundred years drought. We are, however, not alone in facing water challenges. The drought spreading across southern Europe has fuelled wildfires in Italy and Spain. In America, Texas and California have also struggled under multi-year droughts that took them years to recover from. Global water saving initiatives that

earth's surface is water
of this is saltwater
available for life

In 2012 we bought a small holding in Sardinia Bay Port Elizabeth. Living in the country is fantastic but we needed to rely on nature to provide us with the most basic need water. Due to our borehole water not being fit for human consumption we began to search for an alternative means to obtain water .

Frans visited our property and assisted us with a quote and the installation of a Rain Water Harvesting System.

In December 2015 we would have been on our new property for 3 years and we have never had to switch over to borehole water. Installing the system was the best decision ever as we now enjoy an abundance of water which is clean and sweet to the taste.

The quality of the water is SA is likely to continue to deteriorate and the costs will escalate as we have seen with electricity. Being self-sufficient is the only option and remarkable rewarding.

Kyle O’Haher CFP®

Our Rain Water Harvesting System operating very well thanks - our monthly (municipal) water consumption has dropped from 37 m3 before installation to 16 m3 after installation - last 3 months consumption has been 8 m3 (July), 5 m3 (Aug) + 0 m3 (Sept) so all good!

Gordon Maclear

water tanks installed
solar geysers installed
greywater systems installed

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