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Vaal River Water Shortage Crises – Kroonstad Now without Water

What if this is the last drop?

The current low water level situation of the Vaal river will lead to water restrictions and even water outages in large areas in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northern Freestate and North West provinces. Kroonstad is already without water for some time now.
Green Overall can supply products and services to help alleviate the problem.

This includes:
Greywater Systems – Re-use bath-, shower-, and Laundry water instead of clean water for irrigation or to flush the toilets.
Buffer tank – Install a water tank to use the water during times of water outages. A pump can be connected to supply the house with pressurized water. This system can be extended to include a rainwater harvesting system.
Water tank supply and installation.


Image by www.ofm.co.za