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Why is World Water Day and National Water Week so important?

World Water Day Wastewater Grey Water System

The world is in water crises, where millions of people do not have access to clean fresh water. Their source of water is either polluted or they have to travel great distances to find drinking water. People living in more urban areas are under pressure to curb their water usage as the world's water resources reach critical levels. In South Africa, most areas remain thirsty as the drought has claimed many provinces. Those that have been lucky to see rain are finding that the relief from the drought is temporary at best, and remain under water restrictions.

World Water Day (22 March 2017) and the South African water week beginning on the 20 March, are specifically designed to bring the World Water Crises into focus. Reminding us how devastating it would be if we no longer had access to something we generally take for granted – fresh water.

The prime objective of World Water Day is to inspire people to take action to help drive the initiative to provide safer water for all. Along with this global drive, the United Nations sets a theme and the theme for 2017 is Wastewater.

What is Wastewater?

Wastewater is water that has been used by households and businesses that can be reused for other purposes. This water comes from the taps and is used to clean or rinse and then is lost down to drain with the sewage waste (black water from the toilets and kitchen). This water from bathrooms (shower, basin and bath) and the washing machine can easily be recycled with very little additional treatment.

Why is recycling Wastewater important?

Water is a precious resource and our use of water has to be less wasteful and more considered.
Typically we use clean tap water to rinse, wash, and drink and also for watering the garden and other purposes where ‘pure’ water is not necessarily required and can be readily substituted with recycled water. This puts pressure on the clean water and wastes water needlessly.

How do you recycle wastewater?

Install a Grey Water System to filter water from the bathroom (not the toilet) and washing machine. This recycled water is pumped out of the Grey Water System onto the garden or used for instances where water is required but it doesn’t have to be too ‘pure’.

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