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How to take the stain out of your irrigation system


A common problem with irrigation systems that use underground borehole and well point water, is the presence of nuisance elements such as Iron and Manganese. These elements are non-hazardous, but chemically similar and frequently cause problems such as staining and blocking of pipelines.

What causes this staining?

When water is pumped from underground, where the Oxygen content is low, it appears clear and colourless, as the Iron and Manganese elements are dissolved in the water. As the water is exposed to air, the iron and manganese are oxidized and change from colourless, dissolved forms to coloured solid forms. This will cause the reddish-brown stains visible on your walls during irrigation. Iron has a reddish-brown stain, where manganese acts in a similar way but causes a brownish-black stain.

Soaps and detergents do not remove these stains and many bleaching products can actually intensify them.








Green Overall Irrigation Stain Prevention System

Green Overall has a product that will solve this problem. Manufactured in simple spray on bottles for removal of existing stains, or supplied as a chemical dosing system for irrigation purposes.

Our product will prevent the iron and manganese from oxidising by reacting with the elements in the pipeline, before exiting the spray point, preventing the elements from coming out of solution and will prevent your irrigation water from staining walls.

The product is bio-degradable and non-carcinogenic. It is also not harmful to plants, grass or flowers and is safe to use for all irrigation purposes.

System includes:

  • Chemical dosing pump
  • 100ℓ storage tank
  • Stain prevention chemical (100ℓ)

Please Note:

100 litres of Stain Prevention Chemical treats over 2.5 Million litres of water before it needs to be replaced / refilled. Replacement chemical is supplied in concentrated powder form. It’s as easy as adding the new chemical to your chemical tank and filling with water. No measuring required.

System Description:

The system is fully automatic and consists of a chemical dosing pump mounted on top of a 100ℓ storage tank. The stain prevention chemical then gets pumped from the tank into your irrigation line and out through you sprinklers.

The system does not require a cover or housing as such, but we do recommend placing it away from direct sunlight, to prevent evaporation of the chemicals in the tank.

The system requires a foot space of about 1m x 1m. Upon installation, we set a control to dose a certain amount of the chemical into you irrigation supply at specified intervals.

Need to stop the stains?

Put down that touch up paint and try our system