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The benefits of buying into a franchise in South Africa

Going green franchise business opportunity

South Africa, unlike other countries, remains the land of opportunity. In fact, as the corporate market becomes more regulated and competitive, former employees are turning into entrepreneurs. Years past in South Africa (and still presently overseas) there was a stigma attached to working from home or being a sole trader or a start-up company. Today people and companies actually prefer to work with smaller companies so they can get a customised and more ‘hands-on’ service.
For many people turned entrepreneurs the daunting task is getting their new venture to survive the early stages to ultimately provide for their financial needs.

Which is why it makes sense to choose a franchise

A franchise is a ready to go business

Not all of us have that spark of inspiration that recognises a unique gap in the market and a means to satisfy the need, resulting in a lucrative self-owned business. For the rest of us, we need to do some shopping for business ideas and naturally, we turn to franchise business opportunities.
The benefits of selecting a franchised business allow you to leverage off an already established business model.

Support is available

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of fledgling businesses is the lack of support. The challenge of starting your own business is immense and mistakes can be catastrophic. With a franchise there is the benefit of guidance, mentoring and support (marketing, etc.) that helps the new franchise operation get going faster than a similar self-owned business.

Growing or Established need

“The proof is in the pudding” – as they say - and a franchise business that is growing is an obvious sign that there is a definite demand for the product or service. A franchise that is positioned in a niche market and is part of a growing trend is particularly attractive.
Consider the going green trend, more and more households and businesses are taking up the initiative to save water and energy. In fact, since the drought and energy crisis, it won’t be too far-fetched to expect it to become mandatory, especially for new developments, to incorporate water saving and energy saving systems.
A franchise business selling water and energy saving systems to a regional area of South Africa will be well positioned to take advantage of the greening trend.