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Things must be bad if Eskom issues an alternative power fact sheet

Time to explore alternative power

Things must be looking pretty bleak for Eskom's future as they have thought to release an alternative power fact sheet to help relieve strain on their struggling power generating operations.

Facing up to reality is one of the smartest ways forward as it looks like it is going to take a few years for a viable solution to come online to handle the power needs of the country. As with all challenges you face a choice of how to continue, embrace change or keep struggling away with the same old problem.

Inventing new names for Eskom like Eksdom or cracking a few load-shedding jokes provides little comfort when you are left in the dark during load-shedding. Especially now when a new wave of troubles has hit their power generating units and further breakdowns are expected.
As Eskom doesn't want you to go off-grid but remain a loyal customer their first choice for alternative power is a backup battery system (automated UPS/inverter system) that is connected to the mains and stores power for when load-shedding strikes.
Next up on the alternative power suggestion list are hybrid grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems.
Lastly on the list are the fuel generators as Eskom is concerned with the noise and pollution that these alternative power systems produce.

grid tied solar power system
grid tied solar power system panels

Switch to alternative power

Are you ready to cut ties with Eskom?