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Cape Town needs you to be a Water Wise Hero

Franchise Business Opportunity Cape Town

So, it’s official: Cape Town has reached crisis level and has been declared a disaster area for the first time since 1904! And Cape Town is looking for a water wise hero...

A hero to take the lead, teach and install. Cape Town needs Grey Water, now, more than ever.

As of 1 June, level 4 water restrictions have taken force in the Mother City, making it almost impossible to get your everyday chores done without grey or non-pottable water.

How to be a Water Wise Hero

Want to keep your prized garden going? No municipal water whatsoever! And only on Tuesdays and Saturdays before 09:00 or after 18:00 using non-pottable water, ie. Grey water or borehole water.

Using the bathroom... Leaving the ‘yellow’ to ‘mellow’ is encouraged! And/or, flush with grey water.

Hotel or public place needs to keep that water feature featuring? Not with municipal water!

Swimming pool? Either have it emptied or harvest your own rainwater for top-ups. Filling it is way out of line! And even your little kiddy splash pool is NOT allowed.

Driving gets your car dirty, but no washing unless it’s – you’ve guessed it! – grey water! 

Green Overall is looking for that hero to take up the reigns in Cape Town and surrounds, installing grey water systems and taking this message, as well as other green practices, to anybody who wants to listen – and even those who don’t! Saving water has become every man, woman and child’s responsibility; closing a dripping tap and stopping waste is essential to our existence.

To the rest of the country: Let’s take up these restrictions (ok, maybe not quite as tough!) to help ensure we save water now!

So, Cape Town, who’ll be our next hero...?

Franchise Business Opportunity in Cape Town

Green Overall is looking for entrepreneurs in Cape Town to join us in our drive to help residential homeowners and businesses to be more self-sufficient with their water consumption