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Slimline Water Tank Solution

Slimline Water Tank Solution

Living in an era where water shortages have become the norm makes one more conscious of Saving and Conserving this precious Resource.  Rainwater Harvesting Systems have grown in popularity and have proven that this method is one of the best ways to collect and store water – ultimately saving water that comes from the mainline municipal supply.  When thinking about Rainwater Harvesting Systems, one often thinks of big bulky water tanks that take up space, but this is far from the truth.

Here are a few Advantages of Slimline Water Tanks to consider when opting for water-saving systems:

Space Savers

If your space is limited on your property, then a Slimline Water Tank is exactly what you need.  Carrying up to 1000L of water, its size and shape make it easy to install in or between small areas outside your home.  Its elongated design makes it a practical and functional solution and will be able to serve the purpose for which you purchased it – making you a responsible water-saving homeowner.


Water Tank technology, in general, has come a long way and so have the aesthetics.  Slimline Tanks give a more contemporary look and feel to a home, are easy on the eyes and will effortlessly blend in with the surroundings.

Very affordable

Slimline Tanks are one of the most affordable water saving solutions on the market and because of its price and quality, have become one of the most popular.  When used for Rainwater Harvesting, these Water Tanks are a renewable water supply source that is not only affordable but will also save you money in the future.

Easy to Maintain

Regular and Slimline Water Tanks are equal in the little maintenance they require.  Clearing your gutters of debris and leaves, checking and cleaning your roof and maintaining your system is all that is required to ensure the longevity of your system and the quality of your water.

JoJo Slimline Water Tank Special

JoJo Slimline Water Tank Special

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