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Securing Water for Future Generations

Securing Water for Future Generations

Securing Water for Future Generations is something every person needs to be thinking about.

Capetonians, in particular, were handed a brief moment of relieve with an unexpected above average rainfall that managed to somewhat fill dams that supply water to households.  With this relieve comes responsibility and the question remains not only how we can continue to save water during this time, but also to prevent future generations from undergoing the same scenario. In Port Elizabeth, though conditions have worsened and Dam levels in Nelson Mandela Bay have dropped to 18.8%. Residents in the city are currently restricted to using 50 litres of water per day per person but if dam levels drop to 15%, residents will be asked to use even less.

Here is what we can do:

Cultivate a water-saving mindset

We only realised how much water we were wasting when the water shortage problem became a topic.  Using water on a daily basis is a habitual routine. By teaching children from a young age how to be more water savvy, we can cultivate a water-saving mindset and introduce water saving habits that will be beneficial for generations to come.

Incorporate water saving strategies at home

Advances in water-saving technology are introduced nearly every day. There are many ways of saving water in all aspects of life, but big change starts at home.  Consider installing rain- and grey water harvesting systems around your home when building a new house, or install such systems to pre-existing structures if there are none.  By knowing how your family functions in and around your home, you can make educated decisions that will aid in water-saving efforts.

Build a community of water savers

Continue promoting efforts to save water in and around your community and partake in projects that sustain the availability of water.  Government plays a big role when it comes to water security but the responsibility ultimately lies with each and every person. By working together communities have the ability to bring big change and improve their surroundings.

Knowledge is power

Water is life. It is important for every person to understand why water is a scarce resource and why it is vital to secure the constant uninterrupted availability of water. By educating ourselves and others on the topic, we can make decisions that are beneficial to every day living and ultimately provide the sustainable flow of water.

Change starts at home – be part of the solution.  To find out how we can help you become a water-wise homeowner, contact us today!

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