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How much water do you need? Rainwater Harvesting Systems

How much water do you need? Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater Harvesting Systems are growing in popularity and have proven to be a money saver.  Despite the successes of such systems, some are still asking if it is worth the cost if municipal water from the tap is not expensive at all.  The simple answer is yes and not because of the cost, but mainly because of the availability of water. 

The current water situation in South Africa 

There are numerous towns in South Africa that aren't feeling the effects of water shortages in our country, but for those living in areas affected, the reality is all too real.  More and more areas are placed under water-restriction and if not adhered too, fines and penalties are added to the municipal bill. Water shortages have been reported in all provinces and with summer approaching, saving water now is more important than ever.

Why install water harvesting systems?

As stated, the reason for installing Rainwater- or Greywater Harvesting Systems is not only a way to save money but to reduce the pressure on the mainline water supply. It is all about availability and how you can use more water in and around your home without relying on municipal dams.

How much water can one collect?

The amount of water you collect depends on the size of your catchment area. A catchment area is a slightly elevated surface which permits rainwater to flow downwards into a harvesting system.  A 100 square meter roof have the ability the collect up to 2200L while a 400 square meter surface can collect approximately 10 000L – all depended on rainfall.

Calculate your water usage

 You can calculate your water usage and determine what size off tank will suit you best. For example, a wash basin for sanitary purposes can use as much as 40L of water while a bath can use up to 180L of water per day. A toilet consumes approximately 9L of water per flush and water for cooking and consumption can easily be 15L.  Calculating how much water you and your family use daily will also help you determine what size of tank you need.

 If you are on the fence about purchasing a harvesting system, contact us today and we will help you make an educated decision.

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