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Rainwater Harvesting

With another drought looming in South Africa it is time to take precautionary action well in advance to alleviate another round of water restrictions. By installing a rainwater tank will not only supply you and your family with fresh water but also help to reduce the overall demand for water.

A rainwater harvesting system from Green Overall will collect water from ALL you down pipes to maximize the amount of water that can be harvested. Our unique “Rain Runner Sifting devices” will filter the water from the first drop and send this clean water to your bank of water tanks. We are dealers in JoJo tanks and Nel tanks, therefore, we can offer you a variety of shapes and colours.

With your tanks full of fresh rainwater, it really only makes sense if you use this water instead of municipal water. Rainwater is distilled water and with our system, we ensure it stays clean for everyday use. From the tanks the water is pumped back to the house with an automated switch over system, to switch between municipal and tanked water, depending on the level of the tank.

We can also install filtration systems to ensure potability.

For any inquiries regarding water tanks, water pumps or filtration systems, please contact us