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Green Overall Official Opening

The official opening of Green Overall, Port Elizabeth and South Africa’s first and only Green Shop, was on the 9th of October 2012.

Green Overall is an initiative of  Frans van der Merwe of Water Rhapsody.He had a  dream of having a one-stop-green-shop, and Green Overall is his dream come true.

The executive major,  Zanoxolo Wayile, cut the ribbon to declare the shop officially open.

He said that Green Overall is at the cutting edge of green technology and that this is where all stakeholders, including government, will have to invest resources. He also pointed out that all parties require information and guidance as far as green products and services are concerned. This need he said is already being met by Green Overall.

Stanley April from Eskom, one of the main supporters of Green Overall, said that energy supply stays under huge strain and that we collectively need to reduce demand as far as possible. The cost of energy will continue to rise and it’s, therefore, vital that we install systems that are more energy efficient or make use of alternative energy.

People are generally very keen to live a greener life but don’t really know to achieve this or are under the impression that it is very expensive.Green Overall is firstly an information centre for the public. Together with its stakeholders, Green Overall offers turnkey solutions for any project.