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South Africa’s drought is not broken – Start saving water

Drought hits SA

Despite some rain, the dam levels are still very low. Last year had the lowest rainfall ever recorded‚ and amidst scientific predictions, there is no guarantee there will be sufficient rain during the coming season. When browsing the news sites you will see headlines of drought-stricken areas, water restrictions, and devastation for agricultural farmers.


The South African Weather Services has predicted below normal rainfall for the period from January to April 2017 across the whole of SA.

“This forecast is quite concerning with regards to the recovery of our dams. Unless there is a rapid and significant change to rainfall patterns there is still a long road to recovery and we face the possibility of a difficult winter,” Department of Water and Sanitation.

Water restrictions for both urban and rural use are still in place across the country, and if things continue this way it will most likely get worse, also, the recovery rate could take as long as 3 years. Despite some rainfall, most of the provinces and cities in South Africa are still below the 50% mark.
South Africans across the country are urged to adhere to water restrictions and to save water as far as possible.