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Water Friendly Community Saving Water Together

Water Friendly Community Save Water

Water Friendly Community Saving Water Together

Water Friendly Community Saving Water Together. There are a lot of water saving tips available that is really helpful and to date, with people being water wise, major saving efforts have reaped success. That said, South Africa, and the Western Cape in particular, is not out of the woods yet when it comes to water scarcity.

Evaluate your Household Usage

In order to save more water, you need to evaluate, in relation to your daily routine, how it is individually used, how it is used per household and how you can adapt to make every drop count.

Think before you Turn on the Tap

To adapt you need to think before you turn on the tap. Think of what you require and for how long you require it.  Think of how you can use that water and reuse it to be more water efficient around your home and working environment. Spending money on water saving equipment, tools and fixtures might seem like a waste to some, but adapting to your habits can make a difference not only for now when we need to be more water conscious, but will even save you money in the future.

Two Rooftops Better than one

After establishing how you use water, talk to your neighbour and find out if there are similarities. Chances are their water usage habits are relatively the same as yours. Find out what their requirements are and if in any way possible, collaborate with your neighbour to share expenses and improve both your water usage situations. For example, a water tank that collects water from both rooftops can reduce water usage in and around both homes, saving water from not only one household, but two.

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Take that Step!

Working with your neighbours and saving water in your area is a positive way to start solving a national problem, and by taking those steps could encourage people in your community, and surrounding towns to do the same.

Like the saying goes, if you want to see a difference, start making a difference. Reach out!

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Franchise Business Opportunity in Cape Town

Green Overall is looking for entrepreneurs in Cape Town to join us in our drive to help residential homeowners and businesses to be more self-sufficient with their water consumption