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Mandela Day and beyond, paying the good forward.

Mandela Day. Pay the good forward.

Mandela Day is a great day for seeing the people of South Africa making a stand for what is good, noble and right. Nelson Mandela's attitude left an indelible mark on the country, inspiring many to take up the challenge and make a difference. Like a pebble cast into a lake, the ripples spread far and wide, regardless of how small the pebble. Likewise, a good deed, however, small can touch a multitude, inspiring more good deeds.

We are overwhelmed with the goodness and caring in our country and have seen some inspiring acts of bravery, love and compassion that have been a balm to the recent upheaval. We are truly a nation of great people. As Mandela once said, "It always seems impossible until it has been done".

Green Overall Makhanda was privileged to be able to help make a difference. One that will make a lasting difference in the lives of many animal lovers. We teamed up with some good-hearted local businesses and together helped the Makana Vetinary Clinic with a project that allows them to have access to sterilised water for their operating surgery.
Green Overall Makhanda donated their time, equipment and expertise in installing the system, but our efforts would not have been possible without the following businesses and individuals rallying to the cause with generous donations and support.
We would like to thank Aquaflow, BUCO, Build-It, Cash Build, The SPCA and the Family Clase.

The Makana Vet Clinic is an independent veterinary clinic based at the Grahamstown SPCA providing veterinary services to the SPCA and the Grahamstown/Makhanda Community focusing on welfare work particularly primary animal health care and sterilisations. Their clinic offers onsite veterinary services to the Grahamstown SPCA to assist the organisation in its mandate of preventing cruelty to animals. Beyond their work for the Grahamstown SPCA, they offer veterinary services to the Grahamstown/Makhanda community with a focus on helping pet owners who qualify for welfare assistance and cannot afford private veterinary care.


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