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Makhanda Dams Run Dry

Makhanda Dams Run Dry

Now is the Time to Invest in a Rainwater Harvesting System and Water Tank


Due to the continuous Drought conditions, it is with regret that the Municipality has to inform residents that we have reached the point where we can no longer extract water from either Howieson’s Poort (HP) (11,2%) or Settler’s dam (6,3%) which supply the Western side of Makhanda.
Three boreholes have been connected to the Waainek Water Treatment Works and they can produce a maximum of 0,5 Mℓ a day. The balance of water for the Western side is being supplied by the James Kleynhans Water Treatment Works (JKWTW). This means that the JKWTW is now supplying water to both Makhanda East and West.

To ensure that all residents have some water under these circumstances, the system is required to be managed in such a way that low water pressure as well as intermittent supply will be experienced in some instances. This situation will continue until we can pump from HP or Settler’s dam. We can only start pumping from these dams once it rains and dam level at HP has recovered enough to start the pump. Residents are urged to cut water usage to 25ℓ per person per day to a maximum of 100ℓ per household.

Issued by the Makana Communications Office

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