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Your water and energy saving dream team


There is no truer saying than the one stating that teamwork makes the dream work. We here at Green Overall have an entire team dedicated to client service, support, and satisfaction. It all starts with our clients, our work ethics, and our standards. Our success is not just measured by the way we conduct our business, but more importantly, by the relationships we build with our clients.

It’s about integrity

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics in any business. It determines how we treat each other and how we interact with you, our client. It is the hallmark of our business and our entire workforce, no matter what position or branch. Our integrity demonstrates our ethical principles and adheres to the values of our company. Through integrity we gain your loyalty and trust – rather working with you and not simply working for you.

Taking responsibility

Going green is a global responsibility. We can not save the world single-handedly, but we can do our bit by helping you do yours. We are passionate about our ecosystems and set high standards for ourselves. Doing so means we provide green solutions through quality products, accurate consultation, and efficient services. By combining forces with you, we reach our goal of creating an eco-friendly environment.

The quality factor

One of our most important goals is to consistently deliver quality products and services to our clients on an equal platform. This means we have to ensure that our items are quality products that will be suitable for your purpose, meets standards, is strong and will be safe to use. The same amount of effort we put into the quality of our products, we put into the quality of our service. It takes dedication, commitment, and discipline – all part of a recipe that makes Green Overall successful.

Your going green solutions partner

We are proud of what we have created. It would not be possible without our dedicated team, our suppliers and most importantly you, our client. Thank you for making Green Overall your Going Green solution partner!

If you have not made us part of your going green solution, then give us a call. Our team is waiting for your call!