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Tips for saving water at home

We all live in times where the month has too much month before the end of the month.  Small lifestyle changes can often lead to big savings.  Let’s look at a few on the water front:

  1. Put a bucket in your shower and/or basin, to catch water that runs out while you wait for the water to heat up. this water can easily find its way into the garden or even your toilet cistern.
  2. Don’t let the tap run while you or your family brush your teeth – it is said this can save up to 6 litres.
  3. Put a cistern water displacement unit in your toilet.
  4. Be conscious of dripping taps and fix them quickly apparently you can lose up to 20 litres of water per day with a dripping tap.
  5. Making sure you use the washing machine less, but with fuller loads of washing. Not only will you save water but electricity too.
  6. If you have a garden sprinkler system make sure it waters the garden only and not the surrounding pavements and walkways.
  7. And naturally, rainwater harvesting and using this in your home and garden will drastically reduce your municipal account.

Remember we can do a complete water and energy audit to ensure maximum saving.

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