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Rainwater Tanks, Trends

There are many styles of water tanks available, with new innovations coming out all the time. The most common types of tanks are the plastic or polymer tanks which traditionally have been round in shape. These days, manufacturers are working with rectangular or square designs which are often much easier to place within a home and look much less intrusive. These tanks are also available in a huge range of colours so that they are able to suit any home colour scheme. Steel water tanks

Steel tanks are still common, these are usually lined with polyethylene in order to prevent corrosion. While round is still the most common shape, it seems that manufacturers are finding new ways to work with steel all the time. Concrete water tanks are best if you need to locate your tank underground. As they are load-bearing, they are great for placing underneath things such as driveways and entertainment areas.


Bladder rainwater tanks

More foreign designs: One new innovation in water tank design is to design the tank so that it resembles a boulder or a rock. This allows the tank to be placed unobtrusively within the landscape so that the casual observer wouldn’t even know that it was there. These tanks are also fantastic for environmentally sensitive areas. In recent years, a major advancement in water tank design has been the development of the rubber water tank bladder. The sheer flexibility of these means that they can be installed underneath a house, or even in the back of a vehicle. Bladders are completely sealed and have an extremely high resistance to puncturing to ensure that they will not burst into the home’s sub-floor space. Water bladders come with all of the necessary inlet and outlet valves.