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If we don’t make every effort to save water now our taps will run dry

recycle grey water and use rain water harvesting system green overall

The current water situation is that there is not enough water to supply everyone. The dams are still running dry, despite the rainfall, and our municipal supply is in dire need of attention.

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There is an inverse relation to the supply of water and the increase in demand. What were thought to be sufficient water reserves a few years ago, do not even come close to our current water needs. The system is failing and like any broken system the proverbial wheels will start to fall off soon.

For those who are already harvesting rainwater, we applaud your efforts to make a difference to the current water crisis.

However, more needs to be done if we are going to avert the impending water disaster.

There have been new developments in the processing of grey water to the extent that we can now reuse the recycled water, over and over. The dirty water is now filtered and processed to provide a clear and odorless source of water for laundry, car washes for reuse. The use of potable water in toilets is the biggest waste of our finite water reserves and needs to the stopped immediately. The recycled grey water can replace the fresh water for flushing toilets, and any other use that does not require the water to be clean enough to drink.

Frans from Green Overall explains how we can take our water saving efforts to the next level. Click on the podcast below to find out more.



Averting the water crisis - Algoa FM Interview with Frans from Green Overall

Saving the future starts with saving water

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