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Water Filters for your Harvested Rainwater & Municipal Water

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Is rainwater safe to drink?

For the most part, rainwater is perfectly safe to drink. The process of evaporation leaves impurities behind and falling rainwater, collected directly from the sky, is considered purer than the municipal water. However, once the rainwater touches buildings or the ground it can pick up particles and impurities. If you want to be certain that your rainwater is pure then you can boil the water before drinking. But, that changes the sweet flavour of the collected rainwater and is not always practical when you just want something cold and refreshing to drink.

How do you keep particles out of the water?

Since you can only collect a limited amount of rainwater directly from the sky, we recommend that you allow the total area of the roof to be your water collector. Using our first flush tank filtration system we can keep the debris out of the tank.

Is the collected Tank Water safe to drink?

Some people do drink the water straight from the tank, but since the water has not been treated, biological organisms can start growing in your tank and pipe system.

How do you ensure that the harvested rainwater is safe to drink?

The water collected from the rainwater tank can be used to supply your home with lovely pure drinking water. To ensure your water is safe to drink the tank water is filtered by an installed filtration system. You can also use your rainwater tank filter system to filter your municipal water supply ensuring that your household drinking water is always safe. Just look to the news and you'll find multiple instances when households were supplied with contaminated water by their local municipalities.

What types of filters do you need?

There are many water filtration options available, ranging from UV filters, reverse osmosis, carbon block filters and specialised filters such as taste & odour filters... The choice is largely a matter of personal preference and ensuring you have the best system for the quality of water you require.

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