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Water restrictions in Nelson Mandela Bay

Nelson Mandela Bay's newly appointed Councillor for Infrastructure, Engineering, Electricity and Energy, Annette Lovemore announced yesterday that residents are being requested to reduce their water usage by 15% by the end of October this year.

We commend you Councillor Lovemore for taking such swift action to preserve our scarce water resources.

So how can we reduce our consumption by 15%?

Green Overall does not only sell and install water tanks but has a range of products and services to help you achieve this. This includes:

1. Greywater Systems

a. Greywater is considered water from your bath, shower, hand basins in your bathroom and Laundry. No Kitchen water!
b. This is collected, filtered, aerated and sprayed out on your garden.
c. Greywater cannot be mixed with clean water as it goes foul very quickly if not treated correctly.

2. Rainwater Harvesting

a. Collect free, good quality rainwater to use in place of municipal water.
b. We do have all systems in place to sift and filter this water.

3. Pool Backwash Saver

a. Every time you backwash the pool you waste up to 500l of water.
b. Out system collects this water, cleans it and sends is all back to the pool.