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Rainwater Harvesting in South Africa, how Rain Water Storage Tanks work

Rainwater Harvesting - Providing more water for your home

There is an overwhelming feeling of relief on social media when videos of damns and rivers filling up with water were posted after a very long period being water-deprived. While the Western Province is holding its breath for more rain, recent reports have indicated that it is unlikely to receive the above-average rainfall required to fill up the catchment areas enough to sustain the province through the next summer. However, an average rainfall is expected which gives homeowners the opportunity to be more water-savvy.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater Harvesting Systems have become the number one option for collecting, storing and using water in and around the home. They are easy to install and nearly effortless to maintain and will save you money.

How do Rainwater Harvesting Systems work?

Firstly, you need a slightly elevated surface, the roof typically has the most surface area, where water can run down into a redirecting system, most commonly your gutters, and then into a catchment area, which is a water tank fitted with a filter system. From here, depending on your usage habits, water can again be redirected to your home which will allow it to be used in the bathroom, kitchen, for laundry or even the garden. It is a guilt-free way of using water when restrictions are implemented.

Affordable, Reliable and easy to maintain

A Rainwater Harvesting System is an affordable solution to a global water shortage problem. It is extremely reliable and specially designed to last you a lifetime when properly looked after. Maintaining your system is as simple as keeping the area around your tank clean, removing debris and leaves from your gutter now and then when needed, and cleaning your roof. Taking these effortless steps not only ensures the durability of your system but keeps your water clean and safe.

Become part of our water-friendly community by installing a Rainwater Harvesting System today! If you are unsure about what specifications will suit your needs, contact us for expert advice!