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Drought has hit South Africa, Plant Water Wise

use water wise plants for the drought in SA

Much has been said in the news lately about the water crisis we are facing all over South Africa. This is mostly due to our topography and rainfalls that have been below average in many parts of our country. It is time that each of us takes responsibility for the part we play in our homes and at our place of business.

Certain plants have a genius way of storing and reducing moisture loss:

  • Plant indigenous – these plants are more accustomed to our specific climate and will better survive harsh conditions.
  • Thin leave plants – plant species that use less water have small or needle-like leaves, e.g. ericas, acacias, rosemary, origanum and thyme.
  • Grey leave plants – some plants can deflect the sun and this also reduces water loss, e.g. lavender, Artemesia, Arctotis and giant honey flower.
  • Hairy plants - like the silver tree, lamb’s ear, beach salvia and helichrysum keep water better.
  • Succulent plants - water is stored in the fat leaves for when needed, e.g. crassulas, aloes, Echevarria and vygies.
  • Water savers – some plants close up during dry seasons, some acacias, Jerusalem sage and rock rose.
  • Waxy plants – the wax protects the plant from moisture loss, like euonymus, kalanchoe and Indian hawthorn.
  • Oil producers – they offer extra protection against water loss, examples are rosemary, lavender and sage.